PACA is looking for 50 new cooperators to join its Principle Six Club (P6) at $10 a month or more. Will you be one?

Where we are: Over the last 9 months, PACA has been providing services to 17 groups in various stages of co-op business development. Ten of the 17 groups are currently offering products and services to member and nonmember customers.  Over 100 individuals  – including co-op members and staff – have attended PACA’s sliding scale fee monthly leadership development workshop series.  

Our co-op members, community-based nonprofits, business development institutions, and others are increasingly engaging PACA to support community education about co-ops, and to offer leadership on how to strengthen the co-op sector’s connections to broader social movements for economic and racial justice.

Challenge: The majority of PACA’s funding is generously supported by membership dues and grants.  Yet these revenue streams don’t go far enough to allow PACA to respond to the growth and needs in our region’s co-op sector.   

Opportunity: Individual cooperators can help fill in the funding gap for our movement building and co-op business creation work by joining PACA’s Principle Six Club. 

The sixth international cooperative principle is Cooperation Among Cooperatives: co-ops and cooperators rely on each other to survive and thrive.

The Principle Six Club is made up of people who support the growth of cooperatives in the Philadelphia area. They are dedicated cooperators, community leaders, organizers, and anyone else who wants to see more co-ops and more economic democracy. Principle Six Club members make monthly donations to sustain the movement-building work of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance.

You are invited to become a member of the Principle Six Club. Commit to making a monthly donation using the form below:

If you’d rather make a one-time donation, please visit our donate page.