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Current member of: Ardent Credit Union, 3 years

What roles have you served in co-ops, nonprofits, or other membership organizations (Board, staff, etc.)?  I have served mainly as a member of Staff.

Why are cooperatives important to you and to the Philadelphia area? Services provided in the city should have an alternative that is not focused on putting money into the hands of just the shareholders at the top of the Corporation. Like Credit Unions and other Cooperatives, I believe that organizations and businesses should return their major profits back to the communities in which they serve. In Banking, Credit unions such as Ardent CU can provide higher pay to employees, better rates of return on accounts and lower APY on Loans.

Has experience in the following: Public speaking, Accounting or finances, Nonprofit organization experience, Volunteer programs

How will your experience, skills or unique perspectives strengthen the PACA Board?  I have a particular passion for the people of color across the world living in impoverished areas. I have studied to understand their condition, what has gotten them there and what it would take to alleviate their situation. I am very charismatic and possess very strong verbal skills.

Where do you see PACA in 5 years? I would like to see PACA having a stronger influence in the City, maybe even being a household name. We should continue to be a driving force in aiding impoverished areas of the city.

As you think about the three primary board roles—ambassador, advocate, and asker—in which role(s) do you think you will want to be most active? I could see myself as an Ambassador or an Advocate for PACA. I am confident to learn everything that is required of the position and to relay it to spread knowledge about our Organization. As aforementioned, I am very charismatic. I have attended events for Ardent that required me to speak about our products and Services in detail.

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