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Current member of: Plant it Planet (in development for 2 years); Soil Generation (new member)  In 2016, Plant it Planet a vision for an Urban Agriculture network was created during the 20/20
program sponsored by PACA. Over the past two years, the idea has relocated, and revolved. In 2018, we finally did a soft launch and continue growing a sustainable business.  Around the same time, I started networking with growers in Philadelphia, I learned about Soil
Generation and I attend meetings regularly and exploring ways I can further support the organization as a new member.

What roles have you served in co-ops, nonprofits, or other membership organizations (Board, staff, etc.)? The past seven years I have been practicing Agriculture. My work in research, production and urban farming all afforded me the opportunities to work collaboratively with a working group and within a larger body. In Urban Agriculture, I served as the Project Manager, and organizing the growing , programs and marketing at a two acre farm in Chester, Pennsylvania. While doing production farming, I was a Farmer, scouting for insects and managing young plants inside greenhouse, and as a researcher, I was a scientist, studying biological control. With, the cooperative organizations I am part of now I am applying the roles I have previously held in a more dynamic way.

Has experience in the following: Group process and decision-making, Meeting facilitation, Public speaking, Writing newsletter articles, Strategic planning, Project management, Nonprofit organization experience, Volunteer programs

How will your experience, skills or unique perspectives strengthen the PACA Board? As an active participant in the cooperative movement here in Philadelphia, I can offer a perspective from the “driver’s seat” and help make informed decisions that are based on practice and not just theory.

Where do you see PACA in 5 years? In 5 years, I envision PACA’s impact on the community will be far greater than it is today.  I think there is a tremendous opportunity for PACA to present cooperative business as an alternative strategy to the conventional way of doing business. Unfortunately, cooperative businesses are uncommon and too few people know their value. Over the next 5 years, I see PACA expanding its distribution of Cooperative culture, in turn, the organization will become a invaluable asset to the people who live in Philadelphia.

As you think about the three primary board roles—ambassador, advocate, and asker—in which role(s) do you think you will want to be most active?  An ambasadoor and an advocate.
I want to help PACA by being myself, my best self. I am invested in Agriculture, Cooperation
and Wellness. As Plant it Planet continues to reconnect people with Mother Nature, and Soil
Generation continues to bridge the gap between the people and the local government for the
industry of Urban Agriculture. I am in position to make a change at the grassroots level and I
have the capacity to also make a positive impact as a member of this Cooperative Board.

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