Our board of directors is elected by our member co-ops.

Chris Hill

Joined the board in 2014, current term ends 2018

Cooperatives Chris is a member of: Weavers Way Co-op (Board President); Philadelphia Federal Credit Union; REI

Chris is a long-time editor and writer. He co-founded the Philadelphia City Paper; worked as an editor and department head at Rodale Press for 15 years; created an international website, New Farm, for organic and sustainable farmers around the world while at the Rodale Institute; and has run his own media business, Chris Hill Media, for the past 14 years. He has served on the Weavers Way Food Cooperative board for over 8 years, and is currently the Board President. A passionate supporter of urban agriculture in Philadelphia, he has organized and leads an annual urban farm bike ride for the last 11 years. He lives in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, where he raised his son and daughter with his wife Ellen. His backyard garden is large and productive.

Felicia Bender

Joined the board in 2015, current term ends 2017

Felicia Bender graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science, after which she worked for St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society as the Community Outreach Coordinator. In 2013, she moved to the UK to attend King’s College London and earned her M.A. in Public Policy. While in London she worked for the think tank, ResPublica, as a Communications and Policy Research Assistant.  Felicia moved back to the US in 2014 and began working at Reinvestment Fund as the Special Assistant to the CEO. After a year in this position, she began working as a Research Analyst in Reinvestment Fund’s Policy Solutions department. In this role she is responsible for performing internal impact assessments for Reinvestment Fund’s investments.

Gregory Holt — Vice President

Joined the board in 2015, current term ends 2018
Cooperatives Greg is a member of: Life Center Association Housing Co-op, Mariposa Food Co-op, Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, Mascher Space Co-op

Gregory Holt has lived in the LCA Housing Co-op since 2008, serving several positions on the board. He is a dancer and choreographer who helped manage Mascher Space Co-op, an autonomous, cooperative dance space, for 8 years. He currently works for Earth Quaker Action Team organizing for economic justice.


Margaret Lenzi — Secretary

Joined the board in 2014, current term ends 2017
Cooperatives Margaret is a member of: Weavers Way Food Co-op, Energy Co-operative, Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

yee_8556-20141115As a lawyer by profession and activist by nature, Margaret Lenzi has been deeply involved in the cooperative movement for many years. She was a founding member of PACA and worked to grow it into a thriving organization, specifically helping to incorporate and obtain 501(c)(3) status. Margaret has also been the VP of PACA, prior president of Weavers Way Food Co-op, and a current member of PACA’s Membership and Public Policy Committees. She is active in other community organizations such as Neighborhood Networks and POWER and she looks forward to the continued development of a cooperative economy in Philadelphia.

Mo Manklang — President

Joined the board in 2014, current term ends 2019
Cooperatives Mo is a member of: The Energy Co-op, Kensington Community Food Co-op

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance 2014 Membership Meeting College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomed Sciences & Prof. Studies 245 N 15th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 November 17, 2014A native Philadelphian and Drexel alum, Mo Manklang is a creative strategist focusing on cooperative solutions and network building. She has been convening people in the arts, nonprofit, social enterprise, and cooperative areas the past five years in Philadelphia. Mo is Board President of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance, a member of the Media and Marketing committee of the Kensington Community Food Co-op, a member of the Policy Committee of the Sustainable Business Network, and is cofounder of The Bechdel Test Fest, an annual festival highlighting women and transgender comedians in Philadelphia.

Will Crosswell — Treasurer

Joined the board in 2015, current term ends 2018
Cooperatives Will is a member of: Ardent Credit Union, Weavers Way Co-op, The Energy Co-op

Will serves as the Market Manager for Ardent Credit Union (formerly Sb1 Federal Credit Union). He is responsible for the development and coordination of new and existing business to provide opportunities and membership to their employees and family members, as well as lead the branch in Oaks, PA in the productivity and outreach. He has been working with financial cooperatives since 2011. Will is a native of South Carolina and in 2006, Will received his B.A. from Clemson University (2016 College Football National Champions, btw) where he majored in History and minored in Political Science. He enjoys spending time with his wife Lindsay, daughter Geneva, and pug Hubbard. Will resides in Philadelphia (Manayunk) with his family.

Susan Kavchok

Joined the board in 2014, current term ends 2019

Susan supports and oversees the operations of the three childcare businesses and also works on the policy and advocacy end of the business. She has been a member of the cooperative since becoming eligible in 1989.

For Susan, cooperatives are important because they give the workers a voice in their workplace and they allow businesses whose workforce have a traditionally high turnover greater stability through ownership.

Jasmine Hamilton

Joined the board in 2016, current term ends 2019
Cooperatives Jasmine is a member of: Mariposa Food Co-op

Jasmine worked for Mariposa Food Coop in 2014 as the Education and Outreach Coordinator hosting educational programing on food and social justice to support the residents of West Philadelphia. Jasmine has been involved with Mariposa Food Coop since 2009 and has lived in two housing cooperatives: Preston’s Paradise, a farming cooperative, and an LCA house called the Tree House, a housing collective that supported artists that were activists who were in support of social change.

Jasmine has served as a facilitator, educator, outreach coordinator, project manager, and public speaker. For Jasmine, cooperatives are important because they put the consumer back in power and provide opportunities for people to make their own decisions about policies that affect their life styles.

Abdul-Aliy Muhammad

Joined the board in 2016, current term ends 2019
Cooperatives Abdul-Aliy is a member of: Mariposa Food Co-op

Abdul-Aliy is currently convener-elect on Mariposa Food Co-op’s Board of Delegates. They have worked in non-profits for eight years and have extensive experience with direct services, project management, and board process. Abdul-Aliy believes that cooperative economies can disrupt disparities within marginalized communities by building equity together.

Previous Board Members

Jamila Medley
Esteban Kelly
Lauren Troop
Krystal Eason
John Wieme
Teresa Mansell