Annette Griffin

Annette Griffith - A & Associates

Back to 2019 PACA Board Nominees

1) Please tell us about your current co-op involvement. Name(s) of co-op(s) you belong to: How long you’ve been a member:

  • Navy Federal Credit Union (19 Years)
  • A & Associates (3 years)
  • Philadelphia  Area Cooperative Alliances (PACA) (7 Years)
  • Valley Greene Apartments ( A PACA Founder) (9 Years)

2) What roles have you served in co-ops, nonprofits, or other membership organizations (Board, staff, etc.)?

  • PACA – Board Member and current Board President
  • A & Associates ( A Study Circle) – Bookkeeping for non-profits, small businesses, and democratically organized businesses.
  • Valley Greene Apartments – Office Manager / Bookkeeper / Cooperator
  • Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia – Staff / Volunteer / Board Member

3) Why are cooperatives important to you and to the Philadelphia area?

Cooperatives are important to me and the Philadelphia area because I believe they can provide members with power through collective economics and community control. When cooperative principles are encouraged, it promotes self-determination and has the potential to combat poverty.

4) I have experience in: 

  • Group process and decision-making
  • Meeting facilitation 
  • Accounting or finances
  • Nonprofit organization experience
  • Volunteer programs
  • Past or present participation on a board of directors
  • Business or retail experience

5) How will your experience, skills or unique perspectives strengthen the PACA Board?

My  two-years on PACA's Board of Directors has provided me with opportunities to build relationships with other cooperators and develop my voice for advocacy. I would like to continue to grow with PACA! 

6)  Where do you see PACA in 5 years?

In five years, I see PACA at the forefront of the new economy in the City of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Trail Blazers in this journey for a just new economy by growing & supporting coops.

7) As you think about the three primary board roles—ambassador, advocate, and asker—in which role(s) do you think you will want to be most active?

  • Ambassador – What a great feeling I get when I hear “You're with PACA!!!!!! “ When networking in West Philadelphia or on the West Coast PACA is known for it’s productive work in the coop industry.
  • Advocate – I can talk, talk, talk , about how the 20/20 study circle changed my life.
  • Ask – yes, invest in an organization that will re-invest in its mission to improve the lives  of people in the Philadelphia region by growing the cooperative economy.