Tim Palmer

Back to 2019 PACA Board Nominees

1) Please tell us about your current co-op involvement. Name(s) of co-op(s) you belong to. How long you’ve been a member?

  • Kensington Community Food Coop - early 2019
  • I have been a member a Central Co-Op in Seattle since 2013 (though I moved to Philadelphia 2 years ago and have not been active since then).

2) What roles have you served in co-ops, nonprofits, or other membership organizations (Board, staff, etc.)?

I was the Research Director at the Democracy at Work Institute from 2014-2019. During that period, I also served for a short time on its Board of Directors in one of their staff-designated seats.

3) Why are cooperatives important to you and to the Philadelphia area?

Cooperatives at their core are about building community and creating a more just economy. They can broaden access for folks to the things they need most, whether that’s affordable housing, goods and services, financial tools, quality jobs, or a greater voice in decision-making. Most importantly, though, cooperatives achieve these goals for the long-term, creating lasting and resilient community resources that places like Philadelphia need to face future challenges

4) Please check the following areas in which you have experience:

  • Group process and decision-making
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Nonprofit organization experience
  • Past or present participation on a board of directors

5) How will your experience, skills or unique perspectives strengthen the PACA Board?

My time with the Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) has allowed me to meet cooperative members from around the US and beyond. I have developed a strong sense of the factors that have made them successful and the problems they continue to face. As the sister organization of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, DAWI plays a key role in testing strategies for growing the worker cooperative field and I think I can help adapt some of that strategic thinking for use in the Philadelphia area.

6)  Where do you see PACA in 5 years?

I see PACA strengthening its relationship to City government and playing an important role in shaping public policy at the direction of its members. I also expect PACA to continue to grow its membership base and continue to develop strong connections to other local organizations and movements concerned with economic and social equity.

7) As you think about the three primary board roles—ambassador, advocate, and asker—in which role(s) do you think you will want to be most active?

My past experience lends itself to both the advocate and asker roles, but I would want to be most active as an asker. I have strong knowledge of worker cooperatives, particularly in the national context. I hope that I could use that national perspective both to support PACA’s local work as well as connect to cooperative advocacy efforts elsewhere in the country.