Amanda Green Hull

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I am a member of the Project Learn School Co-Op. I became a parent member in 2013 and left in 2016. I rejoined the co-op in 2017 as a 10/10 staff member, in the role of Community Coordinator. I am also a member of the REI co-op since 2018.

I serve on the Project Learn Administrative Committee (PLAC). I have served on the vestries of two Mt Airy churches: Grace Epiphany Episcopal Church, and Christ Church and St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. 

Co-operatives are a way for communities to serve themselves in ways that work best for them. It helps expand the definition of leadership and provides folks opportunities to create alliances where they may not expect. 

I have experience in:

  • Group process and decision-making
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Public speaking
  • Project management
  • Nonprofit organization experience
  • Past or present participation on a board of directors

I have sat on the boards of organizations who were going through challenging times. I learned to be comfortable with coming to hard decisions, and how to manage myself in conversations where opposing views are strong. I remember that our goal is the same, even if we may disagree on how exactly to achieve it, and I work very hard to stay in that frame of mind when voices get loud, or quiet. I’m also a good cheerleader. It’s important to have a positive voice reminding me that I value the organization and I want it to thrive, as do my fellow board members.

In five years, I see PACA being recognized as the go-to organization for local co-ops and people who are interested in becoming a co-op turn when they need support finding funding, educational opportunities for themselves and their membership. I see PACA being a more visible presence in Philadelphia and the Commonwealth, helping connect co-ops across geographical locations.       

As a board member, I see the primary role I can be most active in is as an advocate.