Posted November 16, 2021


Job Description: 

Fundraising and Development Consultant

Time Commitment: 

This is a six month contract based on the completion of work. 


Please name your preferred method of compensation and figures along with your application. 

Anticipated Start Date: 

December 2021


About PACA 

The Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) is a member oriented 501(c)3 nonprofit cooperative dedicated to growing the cooperative economy. Guided by the principles of the international cooperative movement, PACA’s work includes both broad and customized education about the principles and benefits of participating in the cooperative economic movement as well as offering support to existing and start-up cooperatively owned businesses. PACA engages in this work while centering an equitable approach to co-op development for racial and economic justice. PACA aims to grow a network of cooperative enterprises that operate in all sectors of the economy to build a better world—providing essential services, strengthening democratic organizations, creating quality jobs, building community wealth, reducing poverty, strengthening our local economy, protecting the environment, and increasing community engagement. 


Purpose and  Position Description

We are looking for an experienced fundraising and development consultant to 1) facilitate the development of a collective fundraising strategy and protocol and 2) add capacity to the implementation of this strategy through grant writing training for PACA staff and grant administration support. An ideal candidate will be familiar with non-profit fundraising in the solidarity economy, cooperative, and/or economic justice sector(s).


Desired Deliverables

  • Written documentation of PACA’s grant writing standard operating procedures, including collaboratively developed grant and budget narrative templates, and grant review 
  • Written documentation of PACA’s grant management standard operating procedures, including the creation of a grants pipeline tracker and fundraising calendar 
  • A list of 8-10 prospective grants/funders for 2022 that align with PACA’s mission, values, and active programming
  • Assist the grant renewal process for six of PACA’s current funders in 2022
  • Support PACA staff with training in grant writing towards PACA’s 2022 fundraising goal of $250,000. 


PACA has recently transitioned from a traditionally structured non-profit into a flat, collective management structure. Our Staff Collective completes and manages day-to-day operational work and develops and directs programming. PACA’s staff and board work together as a general circle that supports organizational development and fi

nance. Our organizational structure does not include an Executive Director. PACA staff and board are working to add capacity to our development and fundraising work and are looking to build a new, collective fundraising and development strategy to implement amongst our current team and future hires. Previous experience with non-hierarchical organizational structures is not required, but an openness and willingness to create within it is! We look forward to growing PACA with you.


How to apply:

Please send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample from a successful grant application to Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until December 1, 2021. PACA strongly encourages working class BIPOC, queer and trans folks, disabled people, womxn, and people raised in the Philadelphia area to apply. 


When writing your cover letter, we’d love to hear about some of the points below and anything else you’d like us to know about you.

  • Your primary area of grant writing expertise
  • Your service area expertise
  • Your experience designing and developing grant writing and management strategy and standard operating procedures
  • Your experience with and approach to development work in support of the solidarity economy