Jeanette Cuevas

Co-op Business Developer

Jeanette Cuevas

Jeanette is a first generation Chicanx, raised in north Georgia, studied in Atlanta, and transplanted to Philadelphia. In 2018, she joined PACA as a Co-op Developer Fellow and formally joined the staff in September 2019. As a co-op business developer, Jeanette works with co-ops and communities building new ways of being together cooperatively, and transforming our local economy. She supports immigrant-led co-op development, provides technical assistance to member co-ops and start-ups, and is a peer project officer of the Seed Commons Financial Cooperative.

Jeanette studied Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University. Jeanette is part of the Philly Language Justice Collective and studying Cooperative Management Education at St. Mary's University.  Most evenings you can find Jeanette with her friends and family making meals together, and story-telling about our worlds and the ones we are creating.

You can reach Jeanette at jeanette(at)philadelphia(dot)coop.


Jamila Medley

Executive Director

Jamila Medley

Jamila is a passionate advocate and educator for the advancement and growth of the cooperative economy.  In her work with existing and start-up co-ops, she provides support for leadership development, cooperative economics education, navigating group dynamics, and creating adaptive systems to support group process and learning. 

Jamila was introduced to co-ops in 2012 as a staff collective member at Mariposa Food Co-op. She’s spent over twenty years serving mission-based organizations in the nonprofit and cooperative sectors.

Jamila holds a M.S. degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and earned her B.A. degree in Urban Studies from Connecticut College.  She’s a native of Brooklyn, NY and lives in Philadelphia being a creative homemaker who finds revolutionary joy in making her home a sanctuary for herself and loved ones.  She was the 2018 Philadelphia Community Fellow for the Shared Economics in Equitable Development Fellowship and is a 2020 Fellow for Securing the Roots. Jamila serves on the board of directors for Movement Alliance Project (formerly Media Mobilizing Project) and serves on the advisory boards of Quioveo, An Economy of Our Own, and All Together Now PA .  She is also a consultant with Columinate.

You can reach Jamila at jamila(at)philadelphia(dot)coop.


Dominique Pearson

Co-op Business Developer

Dominique PearsonOsiyo! I am a healer and food justice educator originally from the West Coast, in Tongva territory known as Los Angeles. I love food, I love the earth, and I love building the capacity of our people to free ourselves through cooperation, compassion, and interconnectedness.

I have been working in co-ops across Turtle Island for almost a decade, mostly with Black, Brown and Native folks in the South, Midwest and the DMV. I am Afro-Indigenous, with deep roots in the South and the Caribbean, which inform my work really deeply. The power of the co-op is the people, and the power of the people is interdependent. I am always interested in rooting us in the ancestral power of food, medicine and community, especially in a business context, where so many of our perspectives can get lost or overshadowed.

The best co-ops are created by folks who care, and that care should be displayed at every point in the process. My hope is to support co-ops in the creation of healthy, supportive atmospheres that exist in harmony with their workers, communities, and the greater world we live in.

You can reach Dominique at dominique(at)philadelphia(dot)coop.


Emily Wyner

Co-op Development Administrator

Emily is a skilled facilitator and communicator who finds joy and meaning in building capacity with and within nonprofits, co-ops, and community organizing groups. She spent her early professional years in womxn’s and public health. As the first-ever Business Integration Manager at Public Health Management Corporation, she led change initiatives across 200+ community-facing programs and 2,000+ employees with the aim of more effectively wrapping services around each unique client. Through her consultancy, Humblebee, Emily has helped numerous organizations develop their boards and teams as well as engage multi-stakeholder groups through change and visioning processes.

A queer Jew with race and class privilege, Emily believes in and fights for a world rooted in interdependence and care. Outside of PACA, she is a member leader with Resource Generation and an adjunct faculty member at Temple University, where she teaches courses in community development and nonprofit management. In her free time, you can find Emily playing board games, making frittatas, or teaching the neighborhood kiddos some soccer skills. An improv school graduate, she believes that play can be transformative.

You can reach Emily at emily(at)philadelphia(dot)coop.