PACA’s Steering Committee was elected at the Philadelphia Cooperative Summit in November 2012. Steering committee members represent a wide range of cooperative experiences and models. The following individuals are members of the PACA Steering Committee:

Peter Frank – PACA co-founder, Organizational Development Coordinator at Mariposa Food Co-op, member of the Kensington Community Food Co-op (startup), board member of The Energy Co-op, volunteer for a start-up brewery co-op, and member of PFCU.

Jamila Medley – Membership Coordinator for the Mariposa Food Co-op in West Philadelphia.

Margaret Lenzi – President of Weavers Way Co-op Board of Directors, member of The Energy Co-op and Philadelphia Federal Credit Union.

Caitlin Quigley – A member of Mariposa Food Co-op, the Energy Co-op, and Philadelphia Federal Credit Union and was a steering committee member of the Bellingham Beer Lab, a cooperative brewery incubator. Involved in various cooperative development projects in the Philadelphia region. Member of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. On twitter: @cequigley.

Chris Hill – A longtime member of Weavers Way Cooperative, and served the Weavers Way board for seven years. He has also been actively involved in several urban farm related initiatives sponsored by the co-op. He’s a member of the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union, and has been working on PACA’s development for the past year.

Shoshanna Grunwald – Director of Information Systems at The Energy Co-op, as well as a current member of Mariposa Food Co-op, Freedom Credit Union, and REI.

Daniel Flaumenhaft – A co-op activist and historian, currently serves as archivist and was previously convener (president) and board member of Mariposa Food Co-op and a board member of the Cherry Tree Music Co-op. He has been an invited speaker on co-op organizing and the history of the cooperative movement at events in Philadelphia and beyond.

Esteban Kelly –  Esteban Kelly is the Development Director for the New Economy Coalition. Esteban has been an important leader in food justice and co-op movements, including through his work at Mariposa Food Co-op (2005–2013), and as a board member of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the Democracy at Work Institute, the Cooperative Development Foundation, the National Cooperative Business Association, and NASCO, where he was inducted into their Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2011. Esteban was recently appointed as a volunteer member of the Philadelphia Mayor’s Food Policy Advisory Council. He is the current board President of the LCA Housing Co-op, and an active parent at the West Philly Cooperative Preschool. He is a member of PFCU, U of M Credit Union, and the Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union (in California). You can follow him on Twitter: @radblackmaps