We are excited to announce that the PACA Study Circles: Study Track 2023 has just begun! Each of our four Study Track groups participates in 6 months of self-guided collaborative study. With PACA facilitation and coordination, groups explore cooperative movements, principles,  structures, and their potential relationship to local public spaces. Groups are supported in learning and navigating group dynamics to strengthen their cohesion and practice cooperative values. Each group will study through different mediums (video, podcast, books, workshops, guest speakers, events, etc.) and are encouraged to participate in experiential learning opportunities with PACA members and each other. 

The 4 groups participating in the Study track this year are Earthseed Ascendant, Solid City Collaborative, the Revolutionary Care Space, and Centennial Parkside CDC. Earthseed Ascendant and Solid City collaborative are groups of primarily activists, organizers, and community leaders considering how cooperatives can play a role in place-based social justice work. The Revolutionary Care Space supports radical creativity by nourishing and housing organizers and artists in and visiting Philadelphia. Centennial Parkside is a nonprofit working to revitalize the East Parkside neighborhood of Philadelphia. We are very excited to work with these groups and will share updates as their journey continues.

Upon completion of the Study Track, each group can bring their cooperative ideas to the second year of the PACA Study Circles program, the Build track. During the Build track, groups work more closely with PACA Cooperative Developers to bring their cooperative ideas to reality. For more information about the Build track, check out: https://philadelphia.coop/announcing-the-paca-build-track-2022-23-program/