Each year, the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance recognizes outstanding co-ops and cooperators through the PACA Co-op Awards. We rely on you to help us identify the amazing co-ops and cooperators in our region!

2019 Awards


Thank you for submitting nominations for PACA's 2019 Co-op and Cooperator of the Year Awards!  Join us on Friday, Nov. 1st to celebrate the awardees at PACA's Co-op Summit & Annual Meeting.


2018 Awards

2018 Co-op of the Year: Home Care Associates

2018 Cooperator of the Year: Annette Griffin, A&Associates

2017 Awards

2017 Co-op of the Year: Ardent Credit Union

2017 Cooperator of the Year:Bull Gervasi, Mariposa Food Co-op

2016 Awards

2016 Co-op of the Year: W/N W/N Coffee Bar

2016 Cooperator of the Year: Jenna Peters-Golden, AORTA Co-op

2015 Awards

2015 Co-op of the Year: Childspace


Teresa Mansell (left) and Susan Kavchok represented Childspace as they received the Co-op of the Year Award in recognition of Childspace's recent efforts to expand and create more opportunities for worker ownership of their successful childcare centers.

2015 Cooperators of the Year: Holly Logan and Colleen Watts, Kensington Community Food Co-op


Colleen Watts (second from left) and Holly Logan (second from right) shared the Cooperator of the Year Award in recognition of their commitment to opening Kensington Community Food Co-op.

Special 2015 Award: Co-op Champion: Weavers Way Co-op


Weavers Way Co-op received the special Co-op Champion Award to recognize their decades of work growing our region's cooperative economy.