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About the Cooperative Leadership Institute (CLI)

Cohort Intensive

Leadership development program for leaders of cooperative businesses.


Leadership development workshops available to everyone!

PACA’s Cooperative Leadership Institute (CLI) houses programs aimed at developing leadership capacity, skills, and pipelines in democratically organized businesses (cooperatives, not-for-profit, and for-profit) throughout the Philadelphia region.  It aims to strengthen the solidarity economy in the Philadelphia area by:

  • providing rigorous leadership training opportunities for leaders;
  • establishing a network of peer-to-peer learning and skill sharing between co-ops and other social and economic-justice oriented organizations in the Philadelphia area; and
  • developing a regional co-op identity and a cadre of leaders to grow the regional cooperative movement.

In 2016, PACA launched the Cooperative Leadership Institute as a six-month cohort-based leadership development program designed for co-op leaders.  This program is now called the Cooperative Leadership Intensive.  Knowing that the core values, principles, and skills represented in cooperative leadership can be effective for leaders in all democratically organized businesses, we are pleased to expand the Institute’s programming to leaders across business sectors.

"We need group-centered leadership."
— Ella Baker
“We need group-centered leadership.”
— Ella Baker

Our approach:  

We believe that relationships are at the heart of good leadership. Participants will learn skills to strengthen the relationships within their team, their organization and their community to sustain and grow the business. The CLI is inspired and informed by Servant Leadership and Distributed Leadership.