Cohort Intensive

The Cohort Intensive, a signature program of our Cooperative Leadership Institute, engages a selected cohort to participate together in a leadership development program. In 2020, the Cohort Intensive is specifically for cooperator of color. Applications are open from July 8 – August 5 for a program start of early September. Click here to learn more.

2016 Graduates Speak

“I'm very satisfied with the work I did at the CLI, personally and professionally. The course challenged me and helped me transform my relationships at work and beyond.”

— Rosie Glade, 2016 graduate from W/N W/N Coffee Bar

“I've already started sharing this information with my co-op and I've noticed a marked improvement in how we communicate with each other, not only about tasks but about our deeper interests and emotions that play into discussions within the co-op. ”

— Claire Pope, 2016 graduate from Rad Dish Co-op Cafe

“Thank you for a wonderful training experience.”

— Stephanie Erby, 2016 graduate from Oaks Management

“What I liked most about the program was the networking opportunities. I built strong relationships with individuals in the programs and with presenters, I value this very much”.

— Staff Member and 2016 graduate from Mariposa Food Co-op

“I've said to several friends and colleagues that the experience was one of the most rewarding professional experiences I've had yet, and I continue to feel that way. We were challenged in meaningful ways, found common ground, and built relationships that (like all good relationships) have honest and clear communication at their cores.”

— David Morgan, 2016 graduate from Toolbox for Education and Social Action

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Our approach:  

We believe that relationships are at the heart of good leadership. Participants will learn skills to strengthen the relationships within their team, their cooperative and their community to sustain and grow the business. The Cooperative Leadership Institute programs are inspired and informed by Servant Leadership and Distributed Leadership.

"We need group-centered leadership."
— Ella Baker
"We need group-centered leadership." — Ella Baker