Food Co-ops in the Delaware Valley


Co-op Ecosystem Development

Through our Community of Practice program, PACA partners with community-based and professional services organizations working in Philadelphia’s diverse communities to develop and support co-ops. We emphasize co-ops as an economic model through training and partnership with existing economic development and social service agencies. Current partners include Wanderwell, PACDC, The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, CultureWorks of Greater Philadelphia, and others.

Community of practice members aim to build wealth for low-income people by creating cooperative businesses that will be owned and controlled by low-income communities for generations.

PACA coordinates quarterly gatherings with presentations on rotating topics such as worker ownership conversions, cooperatives as a tool to fight gentrification, and Co-ops 101. We provide opportunities for cooperators to study and learn together, through programs like our 20 Book Clubs –> 20 Cooperative Businesses study circle.

Our 20/20 Book Club, and other similar programming are rooted in the tradition of African-American cooperative development, pairing popular pedagogy and discussion with experiential education to provide a holistic, well-rounded understanding of cooperatives, as well as opportunity for deep reflection and community action.

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