Read a full message from PACA below, or simply click here to access a resource list for co-ops, businesses, and individuals alike. This resource list is being updated regularly.

Our community is frontline workers, cooperative businesses facing extreme and particular challenges right now, and others who have long been in the struggle for racial and economic justice.  Our community is engaged in the serious and essential work of caring for neighbors, shoppers, children, parents, employees, co-workers, and others beyond our neighborhoods.  For this, we thank and celebrate you.

It is evident now and again that in times like these, people turn (knowingly or not) to cooperative values.  As cooperators, we have long felt and known that our role as individuals includes being responsible to the wellbeing of the collective.  And while the cause of the current uptick in cooperation is saddening and even overwhelming, we are heartened to see the many and varied mutual aid networks popping up all over the country and in our region.  The values of solidarity and concern for community are showing up in ways big and small — from advocacy around supporting frontline workers to neighbors getting groceries for the elderly and immunocompromised.

We find hope in this, while simultaneously holding the very real, immediate, and harmful impacts of this crisis that will keep unfolding for some time.

As cooperators, we are all constantly striving to center humanity over productivity and profit under a capitalist system that makes it extremely difficult to do so.  As such, PACA staff is taking time to deliberately slow down and reflect critically on how to support those engaged in our region’s cooperative economy while tending to our roles as caregivers of family members and neighbors during this crisis.  We are deeply fortunate to have the ability to do this.   

We are still absolutely available to you.  Our staff already works remotely and will continue to do so.  For now, our energies are focused on keeping this resource list updated, sending regular communications to our community, and continuing to provide technical assistance to co-ops, who are now navigating unprecedented challenges.

Apart from those things, though, other aspects of our programming are on pause or postponed.  We are in the early stages of figuring out how to continue our strategic planning process (which was just getting started!) in this new world, and will be keeping you all updated on that.

We wish you wellness, groundedness, and sparks of laughter and joy each day.  Know that we are in this with you.


In solidarity and care,

PACA Staff (Dominique, Emily, Jamila, and Jeanette)