The cooperative model has been used across the world by families, businesses, and organizations that need affordable energy. Co-ops are also increasingly used to produce and distribute renewable energy.

Rural electric co-ops, for example, helped bring light to millions of Americans. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association made a fun visualization showing the growth of electric co-ops from 1914 to the present.

energycoopIf you live in the Philadelphia area, you can join The Energy Co-opThe Energy Co-op is a local, member-owned energy supplier that has served communities in Pennsylvania for over 35 years. Its unique product offerings include renewable electricity and renewable natural gas with locally-generated environmental benefits, as well as affordable home heating oil. As a member-owned cooperative, The Energy Co-op emphasizes unparalleled customer service and transparent pricing for its members without any tricks or gimmicks. The Energy Co-op was founded by Weavers Way Co-op members in 1979.

For more information about renewable energy co-ops across the country, see the Community Power Network’s comprehensive resource guide on the subject.