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Upcoming Events

PACA's Past, Present, and Future (click to register)
Monday, April 19 from 5-6pm

Jamila Medley, PACA's beloved executive director, is leaving her role at the end of May. In this time, PACA's staff and board are practicing a model of leadership and governance aligned to our cooperative values. Join us for a conversation about what we've learned over the years, where we are, and where we're going — and, of course, to celebrate Jamila!

Earth Day Webinar: The Power of Cooperative Sustainability (click to register)
Thursday, April 22 at 6pm

You buy local and organic food from your local food co-op whenever you can, to help create a robust local economy, grow a healthier environment, and support sustainability. You want to go further to grow the local green economy, and you know there’s one small step you can take for an even bigger impact: choosing a renewable electricity supplier. But how do you know your electricity provider is sustainable? How do you choose an electricity supplier that matches your values? Join PACA members The Energy Co-op, Weavers Way Co-op, and Mariposa Food Co-op for a special presentation to learn:

  • How co-ops impact our local communities
  • What to look for in a sustainable electricity supplier
  • Insider tips about the energy industry & renewable energy


Past Events


An Exploration of Giving

PACA Annual Member Meeting // Reunión anual de membresia

The Practice of Democracy in Our Daily Lives
Use password d$iraP+7 to view the recording.

Housing Justice, Organization, and Cooperation
Use password 0fw1s?^! to view the recording.

Study Sessions on Mutual Aid and Cooperative Economics

POSTPONED – Ujima, Ujamaa: The Cooperative Hxstory of the Civil Rights Movement

On Products and Pricing: Being a Fair Grocer in a Complex Food System
Facilitated in partnership with South Philly Food Co-op



Co-op Summit and Annual Meeting

Let's Watch It! The North Pole Web Series

Participation & Equality in Cooperatives: Lessons from Spain

Co-op Month Kick-off! Fun & Games Gathering

POSTPONED – Let's Study Co-op Principles! Why and how we practice them

PACA Fundraising Cookout and Cooperative Market Exchange

Systems and Design Thinking Workshop

Financial Practices for Co-ops & Collectives: Getting on the same page about money

Business Finances for Anti-capitalists

Democratic Principles Workshop 

Inclusive & Participatory Meeting Facilitation (for new facilitators!)

Let's Study! Municipal food system efforts, are they for co-ops? 

What is a Worker Cooperative?: Workshop on Immigrant-led Cooperatives in Philadelphia



Seeking Cooperation, Building a Cooperative Movement

Community Economics Panel and Workshop with PACA (hosted by the Jewish Farm School) 

Sustaining Cooperation:  Promoting & Practicing Principle Six in Philly Area Co-ops

2018 PACA Co-op Summit & Annual Meeting

Cooperative Practices of Belonging with Dr. Alice Bryer

Cooperative Leadership Institute Workshops (Spring - Summer 2018)



Co-op Summit & Annual Meeting

CO-UP: a community teach-in for cultivating economic justice

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