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Upcoming Events

Ujima, Ujamaa: The Cooperative Hxstory of the Civil Rights Movement
Wednesday, February 26th from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
South Philadelphia Library – 1700 S. Broad Street
RSVP through the link above, or by emailing Dominique. This'll help us bring enough snacks for everyone!

Join Dominique, one of PACA’s Cooperative Business Developers, for a conversation exploring the ways Black leaders used cooperative economics and collective work to feed us, free us, and envision a future that is still possible. We’ll explore how we as Black folx recover leadership and rematriate the idea of cooperation today and into the future.

This is a space for folx who are interested in expanding their perspective of the practice of cooperation, taking a deeper look at lesser-known facets of the civil rights movement, and challenging the idea that singular leadership has been the key to moving society forward. We encourage Black folx to come through, and everyone is welcome.

We’ll bring the snacks. You’ll bring your full selves. It’ll be magic!

On Products and Pricing: Being a Fair Grocer in a Complex Food System
Sunday, March 1st from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
South Philly – exactly location TBD
RSVP on Facebook through the link above, or by emailing Emily. This'll help us bring enough snacks for everyone!

As South Philly Food Co-op gets ready to open their doors, they're deciding what will go on the shelves, steered by their product guidelines, recent product preference survey results, and ongoing feedback from neighbors. South Philly Food Co-op is also drawing on learnings from other food co-ops to inform their pricing strategy and programs that will promote accessibility. Both South Philly Food Co-op and PACA hold the importance of all of this work amidst a critique of our broader food system and policy environment that all too often prioritizes (and financially incentivizes) growing, production, and distribution practices that exploit labor and natural resources in service of corporate scalability.

Join us and South Philly Food Co-op leaders for a conversational event in which we'll share our learning to date and plans around product selection and strategy. We'll explore what it means to be a fair grocer in a complex food system, and offer those interested a chance to get involved with a simple yet key aspect of South Philly Food Co-op's store opening preparation. Come with your curiosity, leave with new learning!

Past Events


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2018 PACA Co-op Summit & Annual Meeting

Cooperative Practices of Belonging with Dr. Alice Bryer

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CO-UP: a community teach-in for cultivating economic justice

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