Current Member of: Navy Federal Credit Union (17 years); A & Associates (1 year); Valley Greene Apartments

What roles have you served in co-ops, nonprofits, or other membership organizations (Board, staff, etc.)?

A and Associate Study Circle – Member - Steering Committee
Valley Greene Apartments – Office Manger / Bookkeeper / Resident
Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia – Volunteer / Treasurer

Why are cooperatives important to you and to the Philadelphia area?  Cooperatives are important to me because the concept of a community pooling its resources together for a common goal is a principle that I learned growing up and I plan to use toward my goal for economic sovereignty. When people are impartial, demonstrate respect and care for one another solidarity can be achieved laying a foundation for economic sovereignty. Intertwine in the history of the City of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas are the doctrines of democracy, equity, education, equality, and a concern for the community. These principles are timeless and relevant to the current and future state of the local economy.  Promoting the cooperative business model where the workers are also the owners; a work culture rooted in self-help and mutual respect. Reinvesting the profit locally will rejuvenate Philadelphia with a new economy!

Has experience in the following:  Group process and decision-making; Meeting facilitation; Accounting or finances; Nonprofit organization experience; Volunteer programs; Past or present participation on a board of directors; Business or retail experience

How will your experience, skills or unique perspectives strengthen the PACA Board? My experience and skills as an administrative professional would assist PACA Board in achieving overarching goals to start cooperative businesses in Philadelphia and it surrounding areas. My unique perspective that we are all leaders following each other in cooperation to reach a common goal would strengthen PACA Board in its mission to improve the lives of people in the Philadelphia region by supporting democratically organized business, growing the cooperative economy and promoting the principles of the international cooperative movement.

Where do you see PACA in 5 years? November 10, 2012 –Philadelphia Cooperative Summit – I was there. Fast forward five years April 1, 2017 Co-Up – I was there.  In 2022 I want to be there when:

  • Philadelphia City Council – Receiving funding from the city for a Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative
  • Continued Public and Private Foundation funding to support the mission of PACA and programs that educate and grow a cooperative community.

As you think about the three primary board roles—ambassador, advocate, and asker—in which role(s) do you think you will want to be most active?
I like to use my voice and talk about a solidarity economy. By keeping profits local we can build a better Philadelphia, stronger communities and a better world. An Advocate and Ambassador that is always willing to ask.