Going on four years now, PACA has anually convened its co-op membership, cooperators, and the general public together for a look at our region’s co-op economy and to envision how to make it stronger. In 2018, we’ll continue this tradition and welcome you to join us!
What are going to do? We’re still working on it, but here’s what we’ve got so far:
5:30 – 6:30 pm – Registration, Good Food, & Great Networking
PACA’s board of directors is serving up delicious food to attendees. If you want to add to the bounty, bring a dish to share! During this time, attendees have the opportunity to catch up with one another and meet new folks working to build the cooperative movement in the Philadelphia region.
6:30 – 8:30 pm – Program, Co-op Awards, and Board Election Results
Network mapping: As we aim to build a co-op movement, it’s important that we identify and celebrate the deep connections our community has, as well as imagine how to grow our community.  We’ll engage in some interactive activities to help us do just that. 
State of PACA: Jamila Medley, PACA’s executive director, will provide information about PACA’s activities during the year and a vision for what’s coming up in 2019
Co-op Awards: Who will receive the Co-op of the Year and Cooperator of the Year awards?  Join us to find out!  Nominations are being accepted through October 23rd.  Check out who we’ve celebrated in the past. 
Board Election: Each year, PACA’s member co-ops participate in a process to democratically elect new members to serve on PACA’s board.  Take a look at this year’s nominees.