Join PACA on Saturday December 2, 2017 at 10:30 am for a guided tour of the PHL Assembled exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Perelman Building).   After the tour, stick around for lunch at the PHLA Kitchen for their Victory menu!

Philadelphia Assembled joins art and civic engagement. Initiated by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk and shaped by hundreds of collaborators, it tells a story of radical community building and active resistance. Challenging, inspiring, and as big as the city, Philadelphia Assembled asks: how can we collectively shape our futures?This project articulates a collective narrative about our city around five principles:

Reconstructions: How do we rewrite our histories?
Sovereignty: How do we define self-determination & unity?
Sanctuary: How do we create safe spaces?
Futures: How do we reimagine our tomorrow?
Movement: How do we share knowledge?

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Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance
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