Spotlighting one of the Philly co-ops we are currently working with as part of our partnership with Seed Commons in lending to support the growth and sustainability of co-ops!

Meet Collective Strength!

Visit them at:

Collective Strength was founded in 2020 and became Philadelphia’s only gym cooperative in 2022. We are a barbell gym entirely owned and operated by our members.

Our mission at Collective Strength is to create an accessible strength training space for people who have not traditionally been encouraged to pursue strength training and strength sports. We work towards this goal through our adorable sliding scale memberships, accessible range of equipment, and supportive community.

Our core values of inclusivity, respect for bodily autonomy, cultivation of joyful movement, and radical self-acceptance are at the center of everything we do. Schedule a drop-in visit or sign up for a class to check us out!

Image description: Photo of Collective Strength’s barbell gym