We are a co-op of co-ops, with members who are cooperatives and credit unions in the Philadelphia region. We work together to  Find out how to become a member of PACA.

Members of PACA (listed alphabetically)

Find out how to become a co-op or credit union member of PACA.



A&Associates is start-up worker-owned bookkeeping co-op operating in Philadelphia. They believe cooperative businesses are essential to building a better world and that the the prospect of blending one’s passions with one’s craft gives new meaning to the word work.


AORTA is a worker-owned cooperative devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. They consult and facilitate to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training, and planning.

Ardent Credit Union

Ardent Credit Union is a community charter credit union that provides accessible banking opportunities to individuals and companies. Founded in 1977, the credit union has over 32,000 members.

Bethlehem Food Co-op 

Bethlehem Food Co-op plans to open a community owned and operated grocery store in downtown Bethlehem. Their goals are to offer healthy, affordable, locally-focused food and informational workshops in a convenient neighborhood location.

Bonfire Media Collective

We are filmmakers, writers, communicators, strategists, organizers, educators, musicians and artists with deep roots in the Philadelphia region. Bonfire is a worker-owned production company focused on telling human stories that catalyze social change.

Child Space Day Care Centers

Childspace Day Care Center, a non-profit organization that houses the Childspace Management Group, Inc., a worker cooperative whose member/owners are the Childspace staff. This model reflects a desire to create better quality jobs in day care because we feel (and studies substantiate) better quality jobs are directly related to  higher quality care for children.

CreekSide Co-op

CreekSide Co-op is a cooperative member-owned food market in Cheltenhem Township providing products and services that are responsive to the values of its ownership and fostering connections among the people of its diverse community.

The Energy Co-op

The Energy Co-op is a consumer co-op supplying renewable energy to residents of Philadelphia and five surrounding counties. Established in 1979, The Energy Co-op provides electricity, heating oil and biodiesel. , The Energy Co-op is the only locally based energy co-op in the area and is currently over 6,500 members strong.

Home Care Associates

Home Care Associates is a worker-owned, home care service provider that offers in-home medical care, personal care and household chores. The cooperative provides both one-time and ongoing care, as well as an intensive, skill-building training program for worker-owners and employees.

Kensington Community Food Co-op

Kensington Community Food Co-op is a consumer food co-op in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. They began organizing in 2008 and currently have over 800 members. In late 2014, KCFC secured a store location, which they opened earlier this year!


The Life Center Association, or LCA for short, is a non-profit housing co-op and land trust founded in West Philadelphia in 1971. With the intent of providing affordable housing primarily to activists, the LCA consists of nine cooperatively run properties—seven houses, one apartment, and one community garden.

Mariposa Food Co-op

Mariposa Food Co-op is a consumer food co-op located in the Cedar Park neighborhood of West Philadelphia. Founded in the late 1970’s, In 2012, Mariposa moved into a new and larger location down the street from its founding space. The food co-op is now open seven days a week and has a membership of over 1,700.

Newark Natural Foods

Newark Natural Foods is a consumer-owned co-op located in Newark, DE.  It was founded in 1967 and is committed to cultural transformation by nurturing economic, ecological, and social sustainability in the greater Newark community.

Serenity Soular 

Serenity Soular aims to start a worker-owned solar installation cooperative based in North Philadelphia and grounded in environmental justice principles and love. They imagine their business incorporating workforce development and creating jobs for people who need them..

Soil Generation

Soil Generation is a black-led radical gardening coalition, led by local Philly residents. Members of the coalition are first and foremost local residents that participate in growing food for the communities in which they work and/or live. We are growing food for our communities, building the cohesive, grassroots movement needed to change our food system. Soil Generation is looking to become a multi-stakeholder cooperative to support the environmental justice and artistic interests of their members and the community they serve.

South Philly Food Co-op

South Philly Food Co-op is a startup consumer food co-op that began organizing in 2010. Founded by South Philly residents, the co-op is still in its planning stages but already has a growing membership of over 650 member-owners. While still developing, in addition to sourcing a variety of fairly priced foods, South Philly Food Co-op also envisions partnering with other local businesses.

Valley Greene Apartments

Valley Greene Apartments is a housing co-op located on the banks of the Wissahickon that was established in 1963. Formerly Ethan Allen Colonial Apartments, Inc., the purpose of the corporation is to provide homes for its shareholders under a proprietary lease. At Valley Greene Apartments, the tenants are the landlord.

Weavers Way Co-op

Weavers Way Co-op is a long established Philadelphia food co-op. Founded in the early 1970’s, Weavers Way has grown exponentially from its initial location in a small, rented deli to its four retail locations today. Located in Northwest Philadelphia, there are currently over 5,000 households who are member-owners of the co-op, representing more than 10,000 people.

West Chester Food Co-op

West Chester Food Co-op is a start-up consumer food co-op that began organizing in 2014. They launched a membership drive in 2015 and are actively recruiting new members in the West Chester area.

US Server Net, LLC Cooperative

In March, 2015 US Server Net converted their web hosting company to a consumer cooperative that provides hosting and related services, online publishing products and education for members, operating in adherence to cooperative principles.