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In many ways, starting a co-op is like starting any kind of business.

You need a business plan, you need customers, and you need capital. However, co-ops are a unique type of business driven by a set of principles and values.


If you’re looking to start a co-op or convert your business into a co-op in the Philadelphia region, reach out! We’d be thrilled to meet you, hear about your future co-op, and help you map out how to make it happen.


Technical Assistance and Incubation

PACA offers direct technical assistance and training to co-ops in the greater Philadelphia area! From startup tips and resources to funding connections and networking opportunities, we are here to support you on the path to a democratic business! PACA can also serve as a liaison between our co-ops and professional services providers seeking co-op clients. We support local co-ops with fiscal sponsorship, democratic ownership culture development, fellowship opportunities and non-extractive financial resources.

Check out our Technical Assistance page for more information.


Cooperative Leadership Institute

Cooperative Leadership Institute

The Cooperative Leadership Institute is a rigorous training program for individual leaders working within cooperatives. CLI cohort participants will develop skills across co-op sectors, including leadership, co-op culture, vision and strategic planning.  For more nformation, visit the CLI page.

If you are interested in attending next year or have general program questions, please email


Education and Advocacy



PACA emphasizes promoting cooperative economics, the co-op business model and its benefits to individuals, communities, business entrepreneurs, elected officials and government staffers, as well as potential Community of Practice members.

We partner with existing co-ops, colleges and universities, grassroots organizations, as well as the City of Philadelphia’s Commerce Department to offer co-op education workshops and training. PACA staff and board members are also invited locally and nationally to serve as featured speakers, panelists, facilitators, and discussants to educate people, institutions, and municipalities about cooperatives.  



Community of Practice

Food Co-ops in the Delaware Valley

Community of practice members aim to build wealth for low-income people by creating cooperative businesses that will be owned and controlled by low-income communities for generations.

PACA coordinates quarterly gatherings with presentations on rotating topics such as worker ownership conversions, cooperatives as a tool to fight gentrification, and Co-ops 101. To get more information about the Community of Practice, reach out to

Public Policy

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PACA joins with our allies and members to advocate on municipal, state, and federal levels for policies that support the growth of cooperative businesses.

Download our 2016 policy paper.