The Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance is a member-governed worker self directed nonprofit, with the mission to improve the lives of people in the Philadelphia region by supporting democratically organized businesses, promoting the principles of the international cooperative movement, and growing the cooperative economy.

PACA needs your support to fulfill this mission! 

Cooperatives in Philadelphia need access to cooperative education, mission-aligned funding, and a collective organization to represent their interests. Our organization needs funding itself to survive, and donor support will grow us organically. Summer is always our slow season, and this year marks some significant milestones and transitions for our organization.

In 2024, PACA will rethink our Study Circles initiative, providing cooperative education and training at no cost to potential cooperatives. We are also preparing to expand our non-extractive lending and no-cost technical assistance offerings. To take these initiatives off of the ground, we are looking to you to support our work!

The sixth international cooperative principle is ‘Cooperation among Cooperatives:’ co-ops and cooperators rely on each other to survive and thrive.

Please consider supporting PACA with a cash donation to help support us through the season – and consider giving monthly to help sustain the organization past this summer.


Thank you!

Joshua Reaves

Operations Coordinator

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance